Extenze Male Enhancement Review

There are so many promises made by male enhancement products, what makes Extenze Male Enhancement seem believable? There is an outstanding list of ingredients in their formula. The ingredients are all natural and have no side effects reported. The only problem is that they are in a blend and the amounts of each are unknown.

Extenze Male Enhancement Review

extenze review
Extenze Brand No.1 Male Enhancement Supplement

Extenze Male Enhancement supplement is supposed to help you achieve a larger erection, a longer lasting erection, and a harder erection. It not only claims it can do that for you, but it can also increase your stamina.

It may take up to three weeks to find out if it works or not. You take the supplement daily and the price averages a little more than a dollar a day.


Extenze contains an ‘excellent’ list of ingredients:

• L-Arganine— is an amino acid that provides nitrogen, which helps ensure quicker, larger, harder, and longer lasting erections.

• Herba Cistanche Bark Extract— is used to treat male impotence and improves blood flow.

• Cnidium Monnier Fruit—keeps hormone levels balanced, may decrease symptoms of premature ejaculation, and increases blood flow to the penis.

• Damiana— well ingredient for lowering stress levels, and used as an aphrodisiac as well.

• American Ginseng— may improve blood circulation.

• Jujuba Date— is used to reduce stress, helps with blood flow, and is an aphrodisiac.

• Catuaba Bark Extract— is known for its aphrodisiac effects, and it may treat impotence.

Extenze Male Enhancement PROS

• Good list of natural ingredients commonly used in male enhancement products
• Price is high, but is about the same as other supplements like it
• Can be found on many on line sites
• ‘Does not’ contain Yohmbie, used in many male enhancements, BUT can cause severe side effects.

Extenze Male Enhancement CONS

• Can’t find an official website
• Ingredients are in a proprietary blend
• No money back guarantee
• May not see results for three weeks
• Hardly any user reviews

Is Extenze Male Enhancement Safe?

If taken as directed (one capsule daily), Extenze Male Enhancement is supposed to be safe for adult men.

If you are thinking about taking Extenze Male Enhancement you should check with your doctor or caregiver first.

How Long Does it Take for Extenze Male Enhancement to Work?

In some descriptions about Extenze, it said that the benefits may not be noticed until the third week of taking the supplement.
Okay, one bottle only contains 30 capsules (one month supply), it’s pretty obvious you are going to have to buy more than one bottle just to see if the stuff works.

Extenze Male Enhancement Review – Final Thoughts

Good ingredients, just no information about each ingredient amount, the price is about average, but it may take three weeks to even find out if it works for you, and there is no guarantee offered.

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